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“Virtual and augmented reality terms are the levels of players’ engaged world in “”Reality – Virtual Continuity””. Virtual reality is simulation environment where real world is re-created by virtual components. On the other hand, augmented reality represents the environment where real-world components are integrated with visual and audial data created by computer technologies, and where are engaged in real-time.

Virtual and augmented reality systems are presented to user in two main technologies called as video based and optic based. Video-based systems are the systems that virtual environment is transferred through computer or mobile devices. Optic-based systems, on the other hand, are the systems where virtual or real world components are presented to users through a glasses-like devices.

Simsoft develops user-specified solutions by immingling virtual and augmented reality technologies with its experience in modelling and simulations. Developed systems are used to serve for defense industry, science centers, education institutions, and private sector.”

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