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earthquake vr
earthquake vr
earthquake vr

  • Training with Virtual Reality Based Earthquake Application

  • Earthquake Bag Preparation Scenario

  • Earthquake Scenario for 7-12 Years

  • Earthquake Scenario for Adults


EarthquakeVR offers real life experience in a risk-free environment with earthquake scenarios. Users must achieve task in 3 different stages. (Before, during and after the earthquake) The shaking platform of the simulator works synchronously with the virtual reality application, and it gives a real earthquake feeling. Users can explore the virtual rooms only by the walking literally on the vibration platform. Earthquake simulation works with hand tracking, without any need of control device.

Hardware Components

  • Earthquake vibration platform

  • Admin Console

  • Virtual Reality System with Wireless & Hand Tracking Futures

  • Customizable Platform and Dynamic Modelling

  • Realistic earthquake vibration simulation,

  • Evaluation and Measurement

  • Hi-Fidelity sounds and movements of objects

  • Completion on task within the specified time and commands

  • Differentiation of training scenarios according to different earthquake intensities and age groups

Scenario Locations

  • Kitchen

  • Living room

  • New task and room design suitable for demand.

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