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Simsoft Technologies’ simulators are highly customizable, catering to various needs of our customers. Our vehicle simulators are based on our advanced simulation framework Simall, which was developed using state of the art technology and can easily be customized for different simulators. Simall has more than 30 existing installations of various types of simulators. Wide installation range varies from low cost driving simulators to high functional armored vehicle and specialized construction machine simulators.​ Any custom vehicle simulator can quickly be produced by Simsoft Technologies using Simall Framework.

Our existing products can be customized according to the customers needs such as incorporating a virtual replica of a desired city into our Car Driving Simulator. Moreover, Simsoft Technologies is able to produce simulators of other types with the help of the extensive know how on various different simulator projects completed successfully. 

If you need a custom simulator, contact us to get a quotation.​

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