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vr crane
crane vr
crane vr

Crane Simulators developed for the training of crane operator candidates and professionals, is implemented with virtual reality glasses.


Trainers can apply the training in a controlled virtual environment without risks and low costs.

Operators can feel and experience the real factory environment with the use of virtual reality glasses.

It is possible to sense and understand height, depth and distance in virtual simulation environments as working in crane cabin at a height of about 10 meters from ground.

Employees who complete the virtual training by following the instructions and pass the exams, take part in the field according to their success. These trainings, which are made with realistic scenarios, offer versatile and measurable solutions.


These trainings allow the operator to develop their skills, increase their productivity and experience possible situations with virtual reality without damaging the facility and hardware.



  • Education with E-Learning Videos,

  • Real Factory Environment One-to-One Modeling,

  • Seamlessly Simulation Integrated, Realistic Crane Control Equipment,

  • Detailed Measurement and Evaluation,

  • High Fidelity Rope, Motion, Weight and Physics Models

  • Implementation of Real Business Site and Transaction Procedures

  • Virtual Reality Based 360 Degree and Depth Perception Training,

  • Evaluation with Application Visuals,

  • Unlimited Training Sessions Advantage and Low Cost Training in a Risk-Free Environment,

  • Various trainings can be implemented with the New Training Planning for Follow-up and Development Needs.



  • Operator cabin & seat,

  • Replaceable plug and play control consoles,

  • High fidelity visual system,

  • Sound system,

  • Motion platforms (Optional),

  • Trainer Station with CCTV,

  • Digital Signage Display for VR Visual Streaming in classroom (Optional)


Our customers are accompanied from the beginning to the end of the project for the use of the simulator. Different scenarios can be developed according to customers' requests.

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