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Driving Simulator

Driving Simulators

Simsoft Technologies produces high-fidelity simulators for vehicles of various types. Car and motorcycle driving simulators can be used for driving education and training. Our wide range of simulator models cater to different needs.

Educational Scenarios

  • Driving training (standard and advanced)

  • Save driving training

  • Economic fuel consumption

  • Reducing the maintenance costs


3D Visualization

  • High-fidelity vehicle dynamics

    • Torque model

    • Wheel

    • Brakes

    • Friction model

    • Motor and transmission models

    • Suspension model

  • 3D high-resolution terrain modeling

    • Virtual City terrains

  • Traffic and signalization models

  • Artificial intelligence driven vehicles and pedestrians

Visualization System

  • Human animations

  • Multi-channel support

  • Special effects

    • Smoke

    • Dust

    • Accident models

  • Different times of the day

    • Morning

    • Night

  • Environmental conditions

    • Rain, snow, mist, ice

    • Sun, moon, stars

  • Various types of environment

    • Racecourse

    • City

    • Terrain

    • Airport

  • Various road conditions

    • Asphalt

    • Tarmac

    • Soil

  • Adjustable traffic intensity

    • Crowded city model

    • Long distance model

Measurement and Evaluation

  • Defining dynamic criteria

    • Driving criteria

    • Determining special traffic criteria

  • Measurement and evaluation

  • Analysis and reporting

    • User performance analysis

    • Graphical and statistical measurements

Recording and Analysis

  • Simulation and event recording

  • Replaying capability

    • Multiple camera angles

    • Fast forward, rewind, play and pause options

  • Capability to archive recordings in the database

3D Model Library

  • Rural and city terrain models

  • Traffic signs and other similar entities related to traffic

  • Buildings and other structural models

  • Vehicle models


Simulator Models and Features

  • SimBasic:Single monitored system with steering wheel, brakes and pedals

  • SimPro: Single monitored system with real vehicle controls, a compact cabin, steering wheel, brakes, gears and pedals

  • SimComfort: Three monitored system offering wide viewing angle with real vehicle controls, compact cabin, steering wheel, brakes, gears and pedals

  • SimConcept: Single monitored system with real vehicle controls, a compact cabin, steering wheel, brakes, gears and pedals

  • SimMoto: Single monitored vehicle controls with a compact cabin, handlebars, gears and brakes

  • SimLuxury: Real car cabin with all controls

  • SimAdvanced: Real car cabin with four monitors, all controls and motion platform

Driving Simulator Brochure

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