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Crew Training Simulator

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Simsoft Technologies offers Crew Training Simulators for training crew members such as commander, gunner, and driver using synthetic tactical environment. Our Crew Training Simulators are designed for individual or team training of crew members of the following vehicles:

  • Tank

  • Artillery

  • Personnel Carrier


Each and every personnel of a crew are trained in a similar way as in real life where they communicate with each other, get directed by a commander, and coordinate with drivers and gun operators​

Driver Training Simulator

  • 3 DOF / 6 DOF Motion Platforms

  • Driver Equipment

  • Real/Replica Vehicle Hardware

  • Full Driver Cabin

  • 3-Periscope View System (Front Driver View)

Gunner & Commander Training Simulator

  • 3 DOF / 6 DOF Motion Platforms

  • Driving Simulator Interoperability

  • Simulated Weapons and Guns

  • Periscope View System

    • Gunner Periscope View

    • Commander Periscope View

  • Replica Turret

  • Cannon Control Hardware Instrumentation

Main Training Topics

  • Safe Driving Techniques

  • Shooting Techniques

  • Target Identification

  • Track & Target Surveillance

  • Sensors Effective Usage

  • Team Coordination

Scenario Creation and Management Tool

  • Separate or integrated usage of the simulators

  • Modeling the urban environment

  • Driving under different weather conditions

  • Usage of different equipment

Crew Training Simulator Brochure

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