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Tactical and Operational Training System For Firefighting



• Route Planning
• Fire Notice
• Scenario Creating
• Weather Effects
• Multiplayer Mode
• Decision Making
• 3D Vehicles
• Fire Stations
• Build Your Own Environment
• Logging and Reporting
• Rescue
• Inter-team Communication
• Disaster Management

TOPFIRE is a 3D simulation based training system aimed for Firefighters. The systems supports
unlimited scenario creation capability for fire, rescue and decontamination. Multi-touch table or screen controller, 3D map, AI behavioral support, multi-user play, special gestures, realistic fire simulation, realistic 3Dvehicles and objects are few features of TOPFIRE.

TOPFIRE includes Command Control Center staff training as well. Starting with the notice, CCC staff interacts with firefighters during the training. Thus, TOPFIRE completes the big picture of firefighting training.


System Features:
• Unlimited scenario creation
• New environment creation and editing
• Station creation and editing
• Multi-player training
• Multi-scenario training

(Different scenarios can be handled by different teams at the same time controlled by a single

• Configurable event simulation module
• Vehicle and firefighter control
• Controlling mechanism via touch interface and joystick
• Chat capability during the training
• Path finding algorithms
• Logging, measurement and analysis

TOPFIRE Brochure

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