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Sim In Class


“Experience with virtual students”


Virtual and augmented reality based, education system to train teachers.

• 3D Virtual Classroom Environment
• Game Based Learning
• Singleplayer and Multiplayer Mode
• Creating Scenarios
• Quick Feedback
• High Fidelity Artificial Intelligence
• Defining Student Personality
• Classroom Management
• Using Technology
• Pedagogical Approaches


3D Virtual Classroom Setting
Instructors have the opportunity to practice the educational processes by interacting with autonomous and avatar models at 3D virtual classrooms.


3-Level Educational Simulation
• Single player mode
• Multiplayer mode
• Computer Aided Virtual Environment (CAVE) mode Creating and Managing Scenarios
• Identifying scenario criteria
• Preparing lesson plans
• Creating classroom floor plan
• Organizing student information


Artificial Intelligence
• Autonomous and avatar student models
• Realistic student behavior taxonomy


Classroom Management
• Dealing with misbehavior
• Practicing various approaches impacting on the students
• Monitoring concentration, entertainment and level of knowledge
• Time management
• Experimental approaches


Measurement and Evaluation
• Instructor performance and training history record
• Detailed reporting and analyses
• Statistical measurement
• Performance analyses
• Giving feedback and providing direction

Sim In Class Brochure

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