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Mega Capital


It is an economy game that has its own unique living world, can produce new technology to meet the needs of people, can develop products and form a market.

Entrepreneurship provides an unlimited gaming experience for gamers. In the game there are educational items related to entrepreneurship. It makes a real entrepreneurial experience by making an attempt from scratch.


Game Features;

• Realistic day and night cycle
• Living realistic World
• Identifying human needs
• Sector research and determination
• Do survey research
• Entrepreneurship education
• Preparing a business plan
• Finding an investment
• Product development
• Prototype development
• Making mass production
• Perform and control product sales
• Marketing methods
• Setting up and managing a company
• E-commerce and exporting
• Advanced artificial intelligence
• Deprivation and economic coercion
• The assistant who follows all steps of the player
• Balance sheet and asset statistics


The entrepreneurship game has an artificial intelligence sub-structure that gives players a different experience in each new game. It teaches standards and needs that can change and correct trading and marketing.

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