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Convoy Simulator

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Simsoft Technologies provides realistic convoy simulator for armored/unarmored vehicles and weapon systems training in a controlled and realistic virtual simulation environment. The system allows more than one simulator to run in the same scenario simultaneously. The simulator provides basic and scenario based training using various virtual scenarios. With realistic vehicle dynamics and motion platforms, the simulator provides the user with the feeling of controlling a real vehicle.


Some advantages of using our convoy simulators are: the ability of measuring the trainees’ reactions under unexpected conditions, improving their ability of decision making under critical conditions, training on firing and weapon usage while the vehicle is moving and stopped, enabling them learn about the possible mistakes that are intolerable in real life through repetitive training sessions.


The convoy simulators offer high fidelity effects and scenarios. One of the most noteworthy features of the convoy simulator is the simulation environment generated by multiple projectors attached to the physical vehicle cabins. That creates deep immersion for the trainees who drive the vehicle and use the weapons.


Unarmored Vehicles

  • Riot control vehicle with water cannon

  • Land Rover

  • Ford Transit

Armored Vehicles

  • Cobra

  • Dragon Panzer

  • Shorland

Driving Simulator

  • Urban & Rural Traffic Simulator

  • Realistic Vehicle Mechanics

  • I/O Communication

  • 6 DOF Motion Platform Support

Shooting Simulator

  • Different Machine - Gun / Bomb - Gun Simulations

  • High-Fidelity Ballistic Modeling

  • Guns with Force Feedback

Tactics Simulation

  • City Environment

  • Human Behavior

  • Traffic Simulation

  • Autonomous Computer Generated Forces with AI

  • Autonomous Objects

  • Terrorist Activities

  • Crowd Dynamics

  • Task & Plan Management

High-Resolution Urban Models and Animation

  • City Environment

  • Pedestrian Behavior

  • Traffic Simulation

  • Computer Generated Forces (CGF) Simulation

  • Terrorist Behavior

  • Crowd Behavior Models

  • Position and Planning Management


Image Generator​

  • Human Animation

  • Multi-Channel & Parallel Visualization

  • Special Effects

          - Dust

          - Explosion

          - Smoke

          - Fire

  • Night Vision & Thermal Camera

  • Environmental Conditions

          - Snow, Hail, Rain, Fog
          - Sun, Moon, Clouds​

Convoy Simulator Brochure

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