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Bridge Simulator

bridge simulator
bridge simulator
bridge simulator
bridge simulator

Simsoft Technologies offers high fidelity Bridge Simulators that enables the users to train maneuvering ships under different environmental conditions.

Main Features

  • High-Fidelity Marine/Bridge Training Simulator with Real Ship Instrumentation and Controls

  • Special Training Scenarios with Various Environment Conditions

  • Ship Instrumentation and Controls

  • ECDIS Simulation

  • Radar Simulation

  • GPS, Binocular, WAIS, Gyro Simulations

  • High-Fidelity Dynamic Ship Models

  • Instructor Station

Advanced Visualization

  • High-Resolution Realistic Sea View

  • Multi-Channel and Parallel Visualization

  • Advanced Shading and Dynamic Shadowing

  • Special Effects

    • Waves, Horizon, Surface Reflection

  • Realistic Visualization at day, dusk and night

  • Weather Effects

    • Snow, Hail, Rain, Fog, etc.

  • Environmental Effects

    • Sun, Moon, Clouds, Stars, etc.

Radar Simulation

  • Pluggable Different Radar Model Support

  • AN/SPN Radar Models

  • Mathematical Model

    • RCS Calculations

    • Environment Effects

  • Track Operations

  • ECDIS Integration


Performance Evaluation, Recording & Debriefing

  • Dynamic Criteria Definition

  • Recording

  • Replaying Simulation with the Option of Different Camera Positions

  • Reports with Detailed Criteria and Options


Hardware and Equipment

  • Bridge Consoles and Instrumentation

  • Communication Systems

  • Instructor Station

  • Optional Motion Platforms

  • Multi Channeled Monitor and Projection Systems

Motion Platform

  • Different Motion Platform Integration

    • 2 DOF

    • 3 DOF

    • 6 DOF

  • Realistic Motion Simulation

  • Active Motion Platform during Replay

Bridge Simulator Brochure

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