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Advanced Driving Techniques

Advanced Driving Techniques

90% of traffic accidents caused by drivers. Drivers’ driving abilities and psychological behaviors in traffic are the most important factors for preventing accidents. Therefore, it is mandatory to create traffic consciousness among drivers, passengers and pedestrians to minimize the costly risks.

Simsoft Technologies offers training on communication, anger management, driving psychology, safe and defensive driving in various traffic and environmental conditions through the advanced driving simulators. It is possible to train on incidents that are hard to create in real life.

Simsoft Technologies’ advanced driving techniques Simulator provides effective and faster training for critical and hazardous situations.


  • Icy Ground

  • Crushed Stone Ground

  • Slalom

  • Total/Half Foil

  • City Racecourse

  • Exam Course

  • Brake Escape​

Advanced Driving Techniques Simulator involves accurate mathematical and physical models and realistic hardware.

Realistic Models:

  • Wheels

  • Suspension

  • Brakes

  • Power Transfer

  • Steering Wheel

Main Features:

  • Realistic visualization and animations

  • Three monitor display offering wide angle of view

  • Trainer console

  • Simultaneous multi user training

  • Recording and retracing

Advanced Driving Techniques Simulator Brochure

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