Hardware Specification

  • Real vehicle instrumentation
  • Usage of real gear, throttle, clutch, brake controls
  • Usage of real dashboard with all displays
  • Mocap cabin
  • Special input/output sensors usage
  • Ergonomic instructor console

Hardware Specification

  • 2 DOF, 3 DOF and 6 DOF motion platform integration
  • Realistic motion simulation
    • Slopes
    • Breaks
    • Acceleration
    • Crash
  • Active motion platform during replay

High Fidelity Vehicle Dynamics

  • Vehicle properties
  • Gears
  • Gear ratios
  • Motor power
  • RPM-Torque curve​​

Simsoft Technologies produces high fidelity tracked and wheeled military vehicle simulators. These simulators can be equipped with different displays ranging from LCD systems to 360 degrees curtain displays. 2 DOF, 3 DOF, and 6 DOF motion platforms can be supported. Simsoft Technologies' vehicle simulators offers the flexibility of configuring the components. Below are some examples of our military vehicle simulators:

  • Tank
  • Armored Personnel Carrier
  • M113
  • Artillery Gun
  • Construction Equipment
  • Shorland
  • Cobra
  • Panzer
  • Lorry/Truck
  • Armored Vehicles

Visualization (Image Generation)

  • Up to 6 channels with single system
  • Weather effects (rain, snow, fog)
  • Thermal and IR/FLIR camera visualization
  • Multiple mirror visualization
  • Explosion/Smoke/Fire visualization

​​Artificial Intelligence

  • Realistic behavior of civilian vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycles, etc.
  • Realistic behavior of terrorists on different terrain conditions
    • Rocket usage
    • Grenade usage
    • Remote-controlled bomb usage
  • Behavior configuration
    • Traffic rule violation ratios
    • Lane change behaviors
  • Script-based behavior description
    • Event trigger definition
  • Custom behavioral state diagram description with XML and scripts

Scenario Creation & Management

  • 2D map tactical display
  • 3D visual display
  • Free form view
  • Attaching a specific object
  • Adding/Removing simulation objects
  • State diagram editing for each object
  • Behavior script editing
  • Dynamic loading of different scenarios
  • Saving current scenario status
  • Load, play, pause features to manipulate the scenario

Debriefing and Analyses

  • Vectoral recording and playback of all events
  • Record/Playback of visuals, sounds
  • Motion platform data
  • Automated and manual tagging
  • Replay individual or all tags
  • 3D visual display management during replay

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