Simulated Recoil Weapons

  • 9mm Glock
  • Sig Sauer
  • CZ
  • Beretta
  • G3 and AK-47
  • M16/M4
  • HK-33E
  • MG3

Performance Evaluation

  • Briefing and debriefing
  • Training performance per shooter
  • Detailed performance analysis reports
  • Precision hit points per shooter grouping
  • Weapon handling and behavior
  • Detailed competition and success data
  • Shots for each target, entry of points and movements

Screen Features

  • Standalone screen
  • Multiple walls (multiple surrounded screens)
  • Special live fire screen system


  • High-resolution bullet detection sensor
  • Laser detection camera
  • Position detection sensors
  • Shooters identification unit
  • Optional shoot back system​

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Firearms Training simulators provide light and machine gun training through a rich variety of scenarios catering to various client profiles. The simulator offers laser and real ammunition support. Main features of the simulator are:

  • Laser Based Training
  • Live Fire Training
  • Video Based Scenario Training
  • Virtual 3D Based Scenario Training

Firearms Training Simulator includes hundreds of video and Virtual 3D based scenarios for training of different groups serving for:

  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Security
  • Patrol
  • Tactical team training
  • Handling special scenarios
    • Life-threatening scenarios
    • Critical and dangerous situations
    • Quick shot, slow shot, double shot and similar scenarios​