• Two Stage Training
• Computer Based Training Support
• Multi-Touch Screen Support
• Tactical Training
• 2D / 3D Visual Content
• Game-Based Learning
• Content Creation
• Test Database and Test Creation
• Performance Evaluation and Feedback
• Student and User Management
• Scenario Creation and Management

Tactical Simulation Game

• Game based learning tool to support the Aircraft
Rescue and Fire Figthing (ARFF) Crew’s theoretical
• More repeatable, effective and fast-learning method
that incurs less cost and no risk
• Ability to show the results of right and wrong decisions
under real conditions on an interactive and virtual

Basic Features

• Dynamic fire mechanics and behaviours affiliated with
weather conditions
• Scenario creation module to edit different types of
airport accidents
• Instructor module that provides the ability to manage
and change the scenario during the course
• Performance measurement and feedback system to
evaluate each trainee affectively

Reference Course Scenarios

• Fast and correct communication
• Fast and safe success to the accident scene
• Accident evaluation
• Taking the right position
• Defining intervention priority
• Vehicle and equipment selection and usage


• 3D game environment
• Real airports
• Real human beings, vehicles, equipment and behaviours
• Dynamic conditions
• Real sound, fire and environmental effects

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