Simsoft Technologies offers high fidelity Bridge Simulators that enables the users to train maneuvering ships under different environmental conditions.

Main Features

  • High-Fidelity Marine/Bridge Training Simulator with Real Ship Instrumentation and Controls
  • Special Training Scenarios with Various Environment Conditions
  • Ship Instrumentation and Controls
  • ECDIS Simulation
  • Radar Simulation
  • GPS, Binocular, WAIS, Gyro Simulations
  • High-Fidelity Dynamic Ship Models
  • Instructor Station

Advanced Visualization

  • High-Resolution Realistic Sea View
  • Multi-Channel and Parallel Visualization
  • Advanced Shading and Dynamic Shadowing
  • Special Effects
    • Waves, Horizon, Surface Reflection
  • Realistic Visualization at day, dusk and night
  • Weather Effects
    • Snow, Hail, Rain, Fog, etc.
  • Environmental Effects
    • Sun, Moon, Clouds, Stars, etc.

Radar Simulation

  • Pluggable Different Radar Model Support
  • AN/SPN Radar Models
  • Mathematical Model
    • RCS Calculations
    • Environment Effects
  • Track Operations
  • ECDIS Integration


Performance Evaluation, Recording & Debriefing

  • Dynamic Criteria Definition
  • Recording
  • Replaying Simulation with the Option of Different Camera Positions
  • Reports with Detailed Criteria and Options


Hardware and Equipment

  • Bridge Consoles and Instrumentation
  • Communication Systems
  • Instructor Station
  • Optional Motion Platforms
  • Multi Channeled Monitor and Projection Systems

Motion Platform

  • Different Motion Platform Integration
    • 2 DOF
    • 3 DOF
    • 6 DOF
  • Realistic Motion Simulation
  • Active Motion Platform during Replay


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