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Tactical & Operational Games
Game based learning tool to support the Aircraft
Rescue and Fire Figthing (ARFF) Crew’s theoretical
More repeatable, effective and fast-learning method
that incurs less cost and no risk
Ability to show the results of right and wrong decisions
under real conditions on an interactive and virtual

• Two Stage Training
• Computer Based Training Support
• Multi-Touch Screen Support
• Tactical Training
• 2D / 3D Visual Content
• Game-Based Learning
• Content Creation
• Test Database and Test Creation
• Performance Evaluation and Feedback
• Student and User Management
• Scenario Creation and Management

Basic Features
Dynamic fire mechanics and behaviours affiliated with
weather conditions
Scenario creation module to edit different types of
airport accidents
Instructor module that provides the ability to manage
and change the scenario during the course
Performance measurement and feedback system to
evaluate each trainee affectively

Reference Course Scenarios
• Fast and correct communication
• Fast and safe success to the accident scene
• Accident evaluation
• Taking the right position
• Defining intervention priority
• Vehicle and equipment selection and usage

3D game environment
Real airports
Real human beings, vehicles, equipment and
Dynamic conditions
Real sound, fire and environmental effects•

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